OMD: Obsessive Meter Disorder

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Good afternoon, peoplepersons. EDF Smart Meter

Well, courtesy of EDF Energy, I am now in possession of a new Smart Meter to monitor my electricity usage, and it comes with a rather snazzy display that informs me of all sorts of usage, usage costs, historical data and the like.

All very fine and dandy, but I have developed worrying behaviour since I’ve had this new device. I am now spending an inordinate amount of my life switching appliances on, and then rushing to the display unit to see what this does to my consumption of electricity.

I even spend hours switching appliances on in various combinations, and see how that affects my costs. So…does having the TV on at the same time as the kettle use as much as having the computer and kettle in combo? What happens if I use the shower while the oven is on? Is it cheaper to read by the light of the computer and leave the house lights off?

Much of my day is now spent on this research, and it’s beginning to interfere with normal life, so I may have to admit my obsession and seek the counsel of a so-say therapist, or attend some sort of self-help group…

…Never mind, EDF claimed when they installed all this that it could save me some money and allow me to continue living in this flat and a world of expense, and I think I’ve cracked how to do it, thanks to this ‘ere new shiny gadget.

If I only drink cold tea and coffee that should save me a bob or two, as the kettle seems to be a prime culprit in using electricity. Aslo, I can save money on cooking by living on salads instead of casseroles, fry-ups, roast dinners and the like. Obviously I shall have to maintain power to the ‘fridge in order to keep the salads and milk cold, but one can’t have everything. I’m still experimenting with other cost reductions, but that will need further investigation.

It’s got lots of nice, shiny pictures on this hoodickey as well, so that’ll be my viewing delight for some time to come, saving on television expense.