Dear Reader,

KilgoreI’m actually pretty boring and the contents of this blog may well corroborate that admission.

Let’s clear up one or two things thusly:

First, I’m usually known as Kilgore D Sprout and for those of you in the know (as it were), the name is an amalgam of two characters - one from the works of the author Kurt Vonnegut Jr, and the other from the pen of novelist Robert Rankin.

Second, this is just a hobby blog and all opinions stated herein are just mine unless otherwise stated - and when otherwise stated, will be credited to the relevant author.

Currently I am both de facto and de jure head of “The Home For The Confused & Agitated”, an exclusive residence for women of a certain age.

I have an association with severally women: Ms Baguette - a homeless woman of these here parts, Ms Maddie - a checkout girl down the supermarket, and Ms Mellons - an laydee of the night. So do not be surprised if The Home or the women appear in this blog occasionally.

Other than my Home keeping duties, I do very little except watch endless repeats on television, shout at my computer, despair at politics and politicians, and cry over spilt milk.

As I say, this is just something I’m doing as a “hobby”, something I will do as and when the whim takes me, and will hopefully delay my mind atrophying any further than it already has.

The blog such as it is, will not be subject-specific and will simply contain my ramblings across a variety of topics. I’m in my 60’s now and I feel I’m enough of a grumpy old git to be allowed to opine and/or rant about anything I feel like.