Broken Britain? Broken Brexit? Broken…?

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Back in 2010, when David Cameron was the Fat Controller of political life in the UK , he - if not exactly coining the phrase - started using the term “Broken Britain”, a phrase that was in no small part, a key message used during his successful election campaign.

He also as we all know, promised the great unwashed a vote on the UK’s membership of the EU: a simple “In, or Out?” choice. The outcome in 2016 was that just over half of the public who voted took the option that to leave the EU was the majority preference.

With that…pfffff, he was gone.

So now, several years later, Broken Britain is still dealing with the result of that referendum, and Tuesday 12th March sees the Parliamentary vote that could see a UK Brexit with a (possibly) flawed deal, a Brexit with no-deal, or a delayed Brexit; and that’s just the simple picture.

My major gripe with this farrago is the lack of cross-party cooperation, the principal UK parties being more concerned with their own internal schisms than the “bigger picture”.

What is just as frustrating - regardless of one’s views on whether the UK should leave the EU or not - is that this is effectively just the start of the leaving process, which will take years of political shenanigans and billions of £s to complete.

I for one am becoming heartily pi55ed-off with the whole shambles and would complete the title of this post like so: “Broken Britain, Broken Brexit, Broken Politics”.