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Over a period of probably several years I have created a few blog sites for myself, usually short-lived and hardly impressive. Now, after a gap, I’ve decided to have another stab at putting my thoughts, ideas, opinions and rants in writing; not least because I have little better to do with my time.

For the majority of my previous blog attempts I have used Wordpress which although good and functional, can be time-consuming and fiddly.

All I want for now is just to get a blog site online and only have to worry about the content, much like many CMS software packages provide, but not have to handle backend databases and the like.

What I’ve chosen to use is an example of Static Blogging software, and it would be remiss of me to not mention it.

The software I'm utilising - from GreenHat - allows me to create content for static pages on my local machine so I can check them on a local server. Then when happy, the software converts my local files into webpages that, because they are static, are quantitively much faster to load into your browser than pages that use dynamic content that depends upon the server to process each page before you see it.

I’m also using a “stripped-down” blog style so, at least for now, no plug-ins like Comments and all that toot, which keeps the site fast to load and saves me time and effort not having to moderate the ramblings of other fools.

I'm a sprout of little brain but with my limited knowledge and some gentle guidance, I may now have an annoying online presence.

Deal with it.

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