Jac Vapour: A General Review

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Series-B TiltA few years ago I was a (heavy) smoker but after sitting down with a friend and calculating the cost of the habit - which ran into £000’s of pounds a year - I decided to knock them on the head and try an eVape alternative.

Whatever, I chose JAC Vapour Ltd of Edinburgh as my port of call as a starting point for the e-cig experience, and over the following few years I tried several of their offerings, starting with their basic “cigalike”, through the S17 and the S22 series, finally settling on the Series-B Tilt (pictured).

It would be pointless for me to actually review the Tilt as JAC have now discontinued the mod and it has been superseded by their Series-B DNA 75W, a mod I’ve not tried, but if it has the same build quality of other JAC offerings, it should be good.

I asked JAC about this and what they told me is that -

When we designed the DNA, we took what we’d learned creating the Tilt, to help produce a device that offers the same great quality, but with an expanded feature set courtesy of Evolv’s DNA75 chip. The DNA can do everything that the Tilt could do, and even more.

However, the fact that I’ve been using my Series-B Tilt for 3 or 4 years hopefully speaks as to my opinion of it as a piece of kit. Had they still been manufacturing it, I’d probably have given it a 4.5 - 5 star rating.

Now of course, I have to hope that my kit continues to perform as I can only replace it with the DNA 75W if I wish to stick with JAC Vapour as my preferred supplier should my Tilt fall to bits.

What I can give JAC Vapour Ltd 5 stars for is their exemplary customer service which is quick to respond, helpful, and unfailingly courteous, and deliveries which are fast and trackable.

However, I will deduct half a star from my rating due to the discontinuation of the Tilt mod I use, and for the occasional inconsistency of the coils supplied.

So, from me at least it’s a 4.5 star rating, but very close to being a five.