A Private Life is a Happy Life

PrivacyThis blog is generated by static blogging software so nothing is stored in any database on the server I use. There are no logins or passwords and there are no comments. The risk of any of your data being exposed directly via this site is therefore virtually nil.

This website does track visitors via various tools supplied by Google. I use this data to see if anyone visits this site and what articles they might be interested in. I’m sure Google do many nefarious things with this data but it’s managed by them and you need to check their own privacy policy for details.

This site doesn’t use any cookies, hence there’s no need for the cookie confirmation screen you often see on EU-based sites these days. Google’s tracking tools use cookies though, so, again, check out their privacy policy.

There are no comments on this site so there are no issues of privacy relating to that.

[The only other way I’d get data from you is if you email it to me, in which case I can only say I do my best to protect such data. I use an online Exchange server via Office 365 from Microsoft to store my email and Microsoft have their own privacy policy, which you should check if you’re concerned.]

To be clear, for the purposes of GDPR, personal data about you on my is not held on the server I use. There are log files on the server of course and they will log IP addresses, pages visited, dates, times and such, but every server on the internet does that. The only way I'd get your name, address and other personal data is if you email it to me.

The lack of a back-end database on this site means you’re probably much safer here than you are on other sites that use things like Wordpress to drive them.

I’m not responsible for any external sites I link to. I will only link to sites I consider reputable but you need to check a site’s own privacy policy to see how they handle your personal data.