Now, what was it I was about to do...?

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Errr, you what?Good afternoon, peoplepersons.

Happy Hump Day and all that tootery.

Not a lot to say from yours truly today; I’m in the depths of gloom. Last week I went to Lidl and forgot to take any money, which is bad (and embarrassing) enough, but today I went down there and forgot my bag-for-life. Bad again, particularly as I then had to buy one, and all the more embarrassing as young Maddie was behind the till. Oh how she laughed. Until I glowered at her and made stabbing motions with my courgette.

So now, I’m sitting in my lonely room (Rod Stewart reference, there), deep in despair in the knowledge that I’m slowly losing my marbles, and will soon be dribbling down my cardy while convinced that the current Prime Minister is Harold Wilson.

So, I’ll just stand here in front of the oven, sobbing gently, while I wonder what it is I came to do…