Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions governing your use of this site are quite simple:

  1. I am not responsible for any damage you might suffer as a result of visiting this site or reading the information therein. You agree that I have no liability for anything you do or any damage you suffer — financial or otherwise — now or in the future. You access this site entirely at your own risk.
  2. If you email me, I reserve the right to quote that email in a future article — possibly identifying you in the process — unless you explicitly tell me otherwise in your email. I will usually ask first anyway.
  3. You agree not to plagiarise the content of this site without permission. Quoting parts of it is what we might call ‘fair use’ and that’s fine as long as you provide a link to this site along with the bits of it you quote.
  4. You agree not to send me spam. If you do, you’ll make me angry and you’ll find your IP address on various block lists, not least the ones I give to Gordon of GreenHat who hosts this site on my behalf. He will report persistent spammers to their ISP and/or web host.

T&C'sIf you agree with those terms and conditions, you may access this site. If not, then you absolutely must not access this site.

I am aware that there’s a certain irony here because you must first visit this site in order to see the terms and conditions, which in turn may prevent you from visiting the site in the first place. Ideally the terms and conditions should be presented to visitors for agreement as the first page so they have the option to disagree and leave, but we’ll gloss over that for now.